Christian McPhilamy

Today, our rebel is just an excellent person who has chosen to give without asking for anything in return. He was bullied and misunderstood, but that he knew how to stay the course and stay true to himself and his goals.

Not many people in the world know how to set goals and then manage to bring their intentions to fruition. But, unfortunately, it’s not the case with Christian McPhilamy, who managed to do it when he was eight years old.

Christian was just six years old when he saw an advertisement on television by the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital about children who became ill and lost their hair.

Faced with this reality, he made a straightforward decision. I'm going to grow my hair and donate 25 cm of hair to children who need it so much.

He turned to his mother, Deanna Thomas, and declared, "I want to do that.” The mother was stunned by what she heard because, knowing her son, “usually when he decides something, there is no way to change him. He doesn't let them demote him. So I was pretty confident that he was going to be able to do it.”

McPhilamy let his blond hair grow to more than 30 cm for the next two years.

During these two years, many people called him a girl; he was bullied, had adults asking him why he didn't cut his hair. There were even those who offered him money to cut his hair.

But all these people had one characteristic in common. They started by judging Christian before talking to him.

The people who eventually asked him why he had such long hair surrendered to the child's explanation.

At the age of 8, the time has come.

The parents helped him, followed all instructions, and proudly Christian donated four large 30 cm ponytails to the Children With Hair Loss institution, where they were used in a wig for children who are going through this type of ordeal.

Deanna also confessed that "he doesn't have the words to describe the pride he has in his son.”

And yes, sometimes it is necessary to show up a child who, with tremendous courage and a straightforward objective, shows us how anyone can get out of their way, challenge society's assumptions and help for the simple pleasure that they can do it!