União Audiovisual

SARS COV 2, the dreaded virus that brought us COVID 19. This is a name that we will never forget. This pandemic radically changed our way of life. It changed people's priorities; governments didn't know what to do and still didn't react adequately and confidently. Unfortunately, this leads to some fringes of our society falling into oblivion, helpless.

Amidst the void, people started to organize themselves to take care of one another, mainly of those in need.

We have been reading everywhere that this pandemic brought the best and the worst in people. This story is clearly about the best people have to offer.

This is the story about União Audiovisual.

The União Audiovisual is a Portuguese social and cultural association created by showbiz professionals. Suddenly they looked around and saw co-workers, friends, people from the same world as them, that without a job started to endure serious difficulties. This was the reason for the birth of the União Audiovisual. Since its creation, the association has grown, organized several events and activities, and got support from anonymous people and the artist community in Portugal. They keep getting requests for help in 2021, and the União Audiovisual forecasts that these requests will prolong themselves in time, making their work more necessary than ever.

The União Audiovisual already helped over 250 families, of which 130 are located in the great Lisbon area. These are always monthly supports since these situations are hard to solve while nothing significant is changed in the cultural panorama in Portugal.

LIFE REBEL had just come to the market a couple of months prior. Suddenly the social situation escalated, and in the face of this situation, together with Cosmic Burger, we created a line of masks called #unidospelacultura. This initiative was supported by many Portuguese artists that worked as ambassadors for this cause.

All of the profits of the sales of these masks reverted fully to União Audiovisual.

The #unidospelacultura masks sale has been an enormous success. The sale continues, and you can acquire yours and help União Audiovisual here.

Up to date, the sales reverted on 1250.00€ delivered to União Audiovisual.

This was a critical moment in choosing the path Life Rebel wants to trail. We must be with the brave, with the ones that care, and those that make things happen differently, just because the world today demands it.

We believe we can do more for those who need, and for ourselves.

Our mission, more than supplying products of exceptional quality, is to help. Help the ones who need, the ones who deserve, the ones that challenge, the ones that challenge us, in any part of the world. 

Let's embark on a journey together; let us find through the world those with a rebel spirit, helps, and takes care of others. Let's meet heroes, be aware of sad situations that these people made fought and are fighting, let's meet the people that are having their days a bit brighter due to the work of these heroes. And after all of this, let's make our part and let these fights be a little easier on everyone. 

Let us unleash our inner Rebel.

How to be part: Each time you purchase a Life Rebel Mask, you can choose a Rebel to support. For example, if you decide on União Audiovisual, from your purchase, 2€ will be donated to the União Audiovisual.

Make your purchase count.